Monday, 14 March 2016

Purified Drinking Water in Chennai

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Water streams are to this world like what blood streams are to our bodies. Water is all around us stored in different capacities in the form of wells, lakes and oceans. Rain the source of all that is life is just the combination of two atmospheric molecules (i.e.) Hydrogen and oxygen (H2O) and yet they form the basis of all-pervading complexity which we call as our universe. Water is the essential thing for our life without that nothing would exist including the perceiver of that existence us. Each and every organism in the world is purely dependent on water. The basis with which nature weaves life around us is water, it has the ability to bring good things to us in the form of hydroelectricity and it has the ability to bring bad things to us in the form of floods.
Such is the nature of water which now has become a scarce commodity, it’s predicted that by 2025 nearly half of the human spices will have to face acute shortage of clean water. And recently I came to know that Tamil Nadu government has initiated projects to provide free clean water to the poor which is just an extraordinary initiative which I am sure will put a huge smile on the faces of the  poor in Chennai, the State government on Saturday launched ‘Amma Drinking Water Scheme’, under which poor families across the city would receive 20 liters of purified drinking water free of cost. In the first phase, 100 localities in Chennai will be chosen for this initiative.
I am really happy to see this effort of the government to give purified water free of cost to those who cannot afford packaged drinking water.
I am glad that these types of schemes are being implemented and I wish that they will be continued in the future and other Parts of the state as well …

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